What training does a server need?

A basic level server is not required for formal academic training. An associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in hospitality can be beneficial for a waiter seeking employment in a luxury restaurant, as this allows them to understand formal gastronomic etiquette. Servers spend an average of less than 1 month training on the job after hiring. During this time, new servers learn the skills and techniques needed for their specific job and their employer.

The following graphic shows how long it takes to acquire competence as a server based on data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and data from real server resumes. An effective training manual should reference and incorporate the use of other training tools and also of everyday tools, such as opening and closing checklists. Keep adapting the training as you assess new needs and challenges that the training hasn't adequately addressed. Restaurant training agenda templates provide recommended training programs by position for newly hired staff.

The Busser Training Guide: Notes for the Trainer is a guide that covers all aspects of training new employees so that they can provide exceptional service to their guests. The Waiters' Training: Notes for the Trainer section is a guide that covers all aspects of training new employees so that they can provide exceptional service to your guests. The personalized training setup checklist is designed for the person responsible for facilitating and organizing personalized training in the restaurant. The training event checklist provides trainers with the guidance they need to prepare, deliver and complete a training session.

In fact, it's a good idea to create an official training manual so that trainers can ensure that every important area has been addressed and completed during the training of restaurant waiters. The Expediter Training: Trainer's Notes is a guide that covers all aspects of training new employees and allows them to provide exceptional service to their guests. At a minimum, the instructor's guide should include a step-by-step process that matches the training program and the material in the server's training manual. Having a complete and exhaustive training manual for each position is essential to ensure consistent training when hiring people and for correct and consistent execution in the restaurant, regardless of the staff members who are in the plant.

This webinar will show you how to effectively and systematically improve the training of your employees by dramatically improving the ability of your managers and staff trainers to provide the highest quality training. After that, even long-time employees will still need to occasionally participate in training to keep up to date on topics such as menu changes, new service tactics, and even training on how to treat other people (which may be required by law in their jurisdiction). The forms in the restaurant training position guide are a fantastic way to train your restaurant staff in various positions in the right and consistent way. Use this training manual template as a guide to creating your own detailed training manual for this position.

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