What training do you need to be a waiter?

Wikipedia Most restaurants don't require an education requirement for their waiters, although some prefer a high school diploma. Many restaurants also prefer previous restaurant experience, but it's not mandatory. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most waiters and waitresses are trained to work (www, bls, gov). There are no formal educational requirements to work as a waiter or waitress.

However, some employers are looking for a high school diploma. Many food service employees, including waitresses and waiters, have no post-secondary education and have very little or no work experience. Students and others seeking a part-time income often hold positions in industry. A thorough understanding of the menu will provide your waiters with the skills needed to improve sales.

By organizing a menu tasting for your new waiters, they'll quickly become familiar with the food and will be better prepared to answer any customer questions. Not to mention that memorizing foods will be much easier. Remember to have a tasting menu with every new dish that is added.

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