How many days should a job train you?

Training new employees within the first 30 days of their employment is key to their success. Ongoing efforts and training are important, but you should set the precedent within these first 30 days and then continue with that as the employee becomes more ingrained in the company culture and in the daily work you do. Now, another good question is if there are things you can do to help you acclimate faster. To answer that, I would like to know if there are specific things that you know that are difficult for you to learn, or it is rather a general feeling of overwhelm.

If there are specific things, can you ask a colleague to explain them to you again? It's very, very difficult to retain all the information that is presented to you in the first few days of work, so if most of your training was done early on, you may now be able to keep it better. In addition, if it's possible to do it diplomatically, you could even look for someone different from the one who taught you the first time; different people teach things in different ways and you can find someone who presents them in a way that is more useful to you. Because of the heavy workload that exists, she hasn't had time to train me properly because she hasn't fully trained herself. It goes without saying that at the beginning of the training they tell you; if you miss a day out of your first 90 days, there will be no questions, you say goodbye immediately, especially during the training period.

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