How long is training for a waiter?

Waiters and waitresses generally do not need formal education or related work experience to enter the occupation. They typically learn through on-the-job training that lasts 1 month or less. If you go to a sports bar with experience, you may not have to train at all. Training in haute cuisine can take a month.

It takes 2 years of professional experience to become a server. That's how long it takes to learn specific server skills, but it doesn't account for time spent on formal education. Waiters and waitresses can obtain a hospitality service certificate through community colleges and trade schools. While this certificate is rarely required, it can give job seekers an advantage in the market.

Programs typically last about 36 credit hours. The programs focus on topics such as customer service, dietary training, sanitation, knowledge of spirits, and beer and wine service. Not receiving tips during training is common, but that means that they have to pay you at least the minimum wage during training.

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