Do servers in training get tips?

Courts, liquor boards, and businesses recognize TIPS as the standard for server training programs. While relying on customer payments can sometimes be frustrating, there are things that are totally under your control and that you can do to get more tips as a waiter or waitress. Taking each element into account when setting the objectives of waiter training will create more effective and measurable training. Equipping your best servers with training materials and certifications is a great way to minimize friction and create a process that can be easily repeated throughout the training.

I never had to train anyone and they never trained me beyond someone introducing me and pointing out where the crap was. The only time I get tips during training is if the guests are very happy and leave a tip of more than 20% and the person who trains me beats me up. When I trained as a waitress, the lady who was training me didn't share any of the advice with me and I understood it perfectly and didn't complain. For example, there are general three-day training programs with certifications or more specific restaurant programs that teach everything from training design to the proper evaluation of student progress.

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